Nanotechnology, Macro Results

With a seemingly endless spectrum of stronger, faster and more efficient products on the horizon, Nanotech Universal is generating macro results with nanotechnology.  While ordinary metal sealants may claim to upgrade a product, ours takes metal to the highest possible level – creating a sturdier, slicker, corrosion-proof material that is globally unmatched.

Stepping beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary, we offer an environmentally friendly metal sealant that penetrates material up to 50 percent and chemically binds with the substrate’s free ions, creating an everlasting, ultra-durable defense against corrosion, erosion and friction.

With applications ranging from structural design and oil piping to engines and marine technology, our product offers superior performance that far surpasses the competition.

True Nanotechnology

A handful of nano coating companies claiming to have harnessed true nanotechnology are cropping up around the world, but most formulas are merely coating the material rather than manipulating it. This imitation technology usually fails to adhere to surfaces and quickly delaminates. We offer a permanent solution that infiltrates and enhances material.

Where run-of-the-mill metal sealants simply glaze metal, our product deeply penetrates a material, alters the molecular/atomic structure and creates an inseparable bond. Instead of remaining on the outer shell, our product permeates the product and becomes one with the material, creating an impenetrable shield.

The Result

Metals and other materials are subject to degradation brought on by salt, chemicals, UV rays, water, oxygen and normal wear and tear. Our product hardens the product’s surface to protect against these destructive forces.

Our product also makes the material 100% slicker than Teflon, providing unbeatable lubrication that, among many effects, allows a boat to more easily carve through water or oil to quickly move through a pipeline.

With straightforward application methods ranging from spray-on to dipping, we provide a permanent solution to permanent problems. Be it hardening steel beams or lubricating an automobile engine, our product is changing the face of the future.