About Us

Nanotech Universal is a Los Angeles-based specialty sealant distributor that, with its large team of seasoned industry professionals, combines strong business experience with the science of nanotechnology to produce unsurpassed nano-based products that provide superior corrosion and abrasion protection without negatively impacting the environment. The CEO of Nanotech Universal is Tristram Jensvold.

Environmental Concerns

With environmental concerns and industrial efficiency in mind, the team at Nanotech Universal believes strongly in the wonders of our product. Providing unparalleled protection against natural and chemical elements, our product is a true nano metal sealant, bonds with the free ions in any substrate to create a virtually indestructible, ultra-slick material.

The Product

Our product has been undeniably proven in both test and industrial application to greatly reduce damage caused by corrosion, abrasion, friction and UV rays. It can be applied in the oil industry by improving pipes, tanks, pumps, fittings and machinery. It can be applied to engines to reduce friction caused by moving parts, thereby running cooler and burning less fuel. In the marine industry, it can make hulls stronger and, with reduced friction, allow them to more easily slice through water.

The application possibilities are seemingly endless. Nanotechnology truly means macro results.

The Environment

Best of all, our product has no negative impact on the environment. It is a nontoxic, silicone-based formula that can be easily applied both in the field and in the factory. It produces very little waste and has low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

In areas like the oil and engine industry, utilizing the product is actually better for the environment because it greatly decreases metal waste and lowers engine emissions by improving efficiency.