Changing the Oil Industry

Readily applied in the field and easily customized to a client’s needs, our product is proving to be a formidable tool in the oil industry. Generating oil well pipe that withstands abrasion, corrosion and high temperature even in the most punishing environments, our product not only protects pipes, it also increases flow rate by decreasing friction.Anti-friction Oil Pipes

Our product, a metal sealant that uses nanotechnology to penetrate and bond with material, has exceeded expectations and greatly improved earnings for numerous companies. Adopted by small-scale operators in the beginning, it is now implemented by high-profile oil corporations looking to cut costs and boost profits.

Our product’s results have been proven both in test and industrial application.


In an initial test, 75,000 feet of treated pipe was installed between the months of May and July 2008 in shallow, low-pressure, low-temperature wells up to 1,500 feet in depth with issues ranging from hydrogen sulfide and hydrochloric acid corrosion to paraffin contamination that, over time, reduced the internal diameter of pipes and slowed flow rate.

Prior to the test, the piping was replaced every 10 days to six weeks. With our product, all of the wells using the original 75,000 feet of test pipe are still, to this day, operational with no signs of corrosion nor paraffin accumulation. These results indicate a five to 12 times longer pipe life. Longer pipe life means profit-cutting repair costs are dramatically reduced and, with the slick, paraffin-free pipe interior, flow rates are unhindered by filth or friction.

Industrial Application

An operator in the United States began by testing our product on 10,000 feet of pulled pipe in 10 wells. Oil RefineryThe test resulted in zero corrosion, sparking an inquiry. According to the study, were they to treat all their oil pipes in 21 months time, even after factoring in the cost of pulling and coating the pipes, the company would save well over a million dollars.

Our product even provides top-quality pipe performance in sour crude oil wells that normally corrode and damage pipes quickly. For example, one company was replacing their conventional pipe at least every 30 days due to rapid dilapidation caused by acidic wells. Now pipes treated with our product, applied nearly a year ago, remain in first-class condition to this day.

Profiting from Nanotechnology

While our product can be used on oil pipes, tanks, tools and even machinery, some companies are already fortifying low-cost fittings with the nanotechnology-based formula to save upwards of 60 percent on the cost of high-quality brass.

Operators are actually seeing an increase in production due to the heightened flow rates and less reparation down time. Expected to completely overhaul the oil industry, our product will greatly reduce costs and improve profits by allowing operators to increase flow rates and save millions of dollars in repairs.