Metal Sealant

Be it steel, aluminum, copper, iron, or brass, our product’s ability to deeply penetrate any type of metal up to 50 percent is what sets it apart from other sealants. While the typical metal sealant simply laminates the surface with a comparatively superficial finish, our product permanently bonds to the metal at great depth. 

Nanotechnology: A Permanent Seal

By attaching to any free ions and manipulating molecules in the substrate, our product produces an everlasting, inseparable union that has proven time and time again to far surpass regular metals. Treating metal with our product creates an all new, sturdier, slicker, anti-corrosive material that is unmatched in any industry.

Imperfection Meets Perfection

Steel’s surface is a mass of microscopic irregularities that provide footholds for corrosive elements. Iron, when put to use, always corrodes and erodes. Copper, aluminum and brass are all imperfect, no matter how carefully crafted. Utilizing true nanotechnology, our product completely overhauls metal to rectify those imperfections on a molecular level.

Customized for Any Application

From customized heat protection to enhanced epoxy compatibility, our product can be formulated to suit the needs of any client. It can be applied in virtually any climate, both in the field and in the factory. It even penetrates through 18 inches of concrete to treat roadway or structural rebar. It can have a clear, pigmented or ultra-high gloss finish and, no matter how it is applied, it has no negative environmental impact.

The Benefits

  • Maximum corrosion protection against environmental elements
  • Extreme chemical corrosion resistance
  • Hardens metal to prevent abrasive damage in heavy duty operations
  • Greatly decreases friction
  • Gives regular carbon steel similar properties to stainless steel
  • High heat protection up 3,620 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Zero delamination
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Maximum Ultra Violet protection
  • Total vapor barrier